This is our Vision.

At PPCF, we aim to foster a more polite and civilized society by assisting youth on their journey to living healthy, happy, well-rounded and productive lives. Through workshops and community outreach, we supply kids with the tools, techniques and essential life/social skills that will help them develop better communication skills, ethics, high self-esteem, strong character, the ability to resolve conflicts, and to have an appreciation of diversity, making the world better for everyone.

Mission Statement

The PPCF programs provide one-on-one, hands on training in small group settings to allow each student to experience and understand the importance of respectful communication and behavior.

To produce and conduct educational programs that will assist children and youth in the development of communication, ethics, etiquette and life/social skills.



Special Event – Launching Wednesday April 20, 2016

During PPCF’s online fundraising campaign: “Rock the World with Respect, Old School Style..,” we can show you better than we can tell you! This is an old school challenge! We are calling out all old school American parents, adults and old at heart to... read more