About PPCF

Overview: Why we are important

The polite and Powerful Children’s Foundation (PPCF) was established to address the behaviors that have become to disruptive in schools across America. PPCF programs teach children manners to instill morals and values while inspiring them to be respectful of themselves and others. Through participation in PPCF workshops children learn the power in being polite.

The tools, techniques and essential life/social skills students learn will help them develop better communication skills, ethics, high self-esteem, strong character, the ability to resolve conflicts, and to have an appreciation of diversity.

The PPCF programs provide one-on-one, hands on training in small group settings to allow each student to experience and understand the importance of respectful communication and behavior.

“PPCF workshops offer a rare and unique opportunity to connect families of the students enrolled.”

-Dr. Kyle D. Wade, President/CEO